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The Power Percentage Video - The Most Powerful Tool in the Toolbox

Are you answering the same questions, call after call? What percentage of those questions are the same? 50%? 60%? 75% or more? What if your prospect could watch a video and get over 50% of the commonly asked questions answered before your first sales call?

Recently our Founder, Amy Garelick, spoke to the members of the Goochland County Chamber of Commerce about the most important video they needed to create: The Power Percentage.

Why is this the most important? Because it answers the majority of the questions every potential customer has about your business or organization.

Shocked that it’s not the About Us video? Spoiler Alert: We really don’t think you need one.

Now that you know what kind of video you need to make, let’s figure out what you’re going to say in it.

Here’s how to create that list of Power Percentage videos you need to make.

  • Start out with the list of the most important products or services your company offers.

  • Then ask the sales team to brainstorm the questions they always get asked about each of those products or services. You’re going to need to reduce that list to the seven most frequently asked questions or less.

  • Each question is its own video. Combine all of the seven or less videos into one long one and you have your Power Percentage video.

Use these videos as a part of your sales process and you can streamline the process and bring in more qualified leads.

If you don’t have a single video on your website, this is where you should start. We’d love to help you make it a reality by bringing you into our studio to film and produce your Power Percentage video.


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