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Creating a Rainbow Connection

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

A Tale of Video Storytelling

What is it that you do? It’s a simple question that can have so many answers. For the past 15 months we’ve designed and managed virtual and hybrid events and created video using the latest in virtual recording technology. We’ve hosted virtual career fairs, nights out, fundraisers, professional certifications and so much more.

But what’s always been at the heart of what we do is storytelling.

Now we’re back to filming in person and producing video that can help someone tell their story, accomplish their goal and share their human side.

That’s really what Kermit the Frog was doing when he sang his 1979 anthem “Rainbow Connection.” If it’s been a while since you’ve swayed to this iconic tune, have a listen.

It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Co-writer Paul Williams calls it Kermit’s “I am” song, “lending depth to a character that is mostly fabric and foam.” *

And that’s really what we do through video storytelling give people the chance to tell their "I am” story and show their human side in ways that the written word can’t always do.

We’d love for you to take a journey with us on a storytelling adventure.

For now, feel free to dive deep into the history of what we’ll call POWER UP’s slow jam.

*Stephen Deusner, The Bluegrass Station


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