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Have You Met Amy?

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

If we've had the pleasure of working with you, you've probably met POWER UP's Founder and CEO, Amy Garelick.

Andy and I are the Presidents of the Amy G Fan Club, and we know there are many members out there, but for those of you who haven’t yet gotten to know her — this one’s for you.

Every good bio has an origin story. Here’s Amy’s.

Video storytelling has been a part of Amy’s life since she was 8. Much like Adam from the TV series "The Goldbergs," she was the one with a gigantic VHS camcorder filming family events and music videos starring her two younger siblings.


Fast forward 10 years to VCU Fashion, and you’d find Amy deep in the trenches of special event production. Her love for all things exciting and fun blended perfectly with her 15-year career at Disney where she created engaging and entertaining experiences and lifelong memories.

What made the biggest impression from that magical experience was the power of storytelling.

That brings us to POWER UP.

Andy and I were drawn to Amy’s magnetism (aren’t we all?) in our favorite local coffee shop - The Local Cup. When she gets going about the power of video storytelling you can’t help but get excited. Asking to be a part of her team was like being picked first for dodgeball.


No matter what project Amy is working on, she always finds a way to bring the magic of storytelling. Not sure what your story is? No problem. Amy knows. Can’t quite put it to words? She’s got it covered.

You can spend 15 minutes being interviewed by Amy and it’s like having coffee with a good friend.

The next thing you know, she’s produced a beautiful story that you’re proud to call your own.

And that’s what POWER UP is all about. Video storytelling to amplify your voice and make your story last forever.

Because Amy's heart is filled with all things canine and joyful — she absolutely is Kristen Bell in “I Might Meet A Dog Today" — we leave you with this.