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How Much Does It Cost To Run A Virtual Event?

Cost is the biggest factor when a prospective client reaches out and says they’re interested in hiring us for their virtual event.

You have a budget in mind, but you’re not really sure what it costs to run one.

Before we get into how much POWER UP’s services cost, we’ll mention that you may not be charging enough for tickets and sponsorships.

We talk about pricing in our article “How Much Should I Charge For A Virtual Event?

It’s hard for people to understand the cost of hiring someone to run a virtual event because you’ve never seen what it takes to run one. It’s all magic behind the digital green curtain, so we'll play Toto and pull it back for you.

We push A LOT of buttons to make events happen long before the event goes live.

So if you can’t see the magic of what it takes to run a virtual event, how can you justify it to the company CEO?

Hopefully this list of components and roles that POWER UP provides will help. The list of components we typically don’t include, but you definitely should consider, are at the end.

Sales & Marketing

  • Social Media Ads & Promo Reel Creation

Event Design & Strategy

  • Planning Meetings

  • Event Design

  • Timeline Management

  • Scheduling

Content Creation

  • Speaker Coaching & Talent Management

  • Story Development

  • Sponsor Activation & Opportunity

Video Production for Pre-Recorded Content & Promotion

  • Virtual Recording Studio

  • Traditional Recording Studio

  • Studio Time

  • File Management

  • Editing

  • Audio Improvement

  • Branding

  • Lower Thirds

  • Presentation Design

  • Music Track Overlay

  • Transitions

  • Video Equipment

  • Videographers

  • Editing Equipment

  • Editors

  • Proofers


  • Rehearsal/Tech Check

  • Speaker Kits with Lights & Mics

Live Event

  • Backstage Management

  • In-moment Updates

  • Cue/Timing Management

  • Audio/Video Push & Technical Management

  • Chat/Engagement Management

  • Breakout Management

  • High-Speed Internet for Push & Pull of Streaming Content

Platform Fees - What Platforms Charge For

  • Licensing

  • Event Duration

  • Per Attendee

  • Per Exhibitor Booth

  • Per Admin

Post Event

  • Editing

  • Video Hub

Event Elements POWER UP Does Not Provide - But Highly Recommend Consideration

  • Registration

  • Sponsorship Acquisition

  • Post-event Surveys

  • Entertainment - MCEE, Moderator, Speakers, Music/Band, Comedian, etc.

  • Attendee Swag

Your event can feature all of these elements or just some of them, and that’s why every event is custom designed and priced uniquely. In general, our fee for running a virtual event starts at $3,500.

Now that you know what it takes to run a virtual event, let’s talk about how POWER UP can help you with one that is custom-designed.


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