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Restrictions are Lifted, Now What? Hybrid Events Make Sense

A virtual call is in progress on a computer screen with many attendees. A mug sits to the left of the computer.

As more and more states lift capacity restrictions, you’re thinking “In-person events are back! No more virtual!” You absolutely can take that position, but it could hurt your bottom line.

Rather than forget the virtual audience, embrace them. Incorporate a digital experience and position yourself to provide what your audience needs. The Digital Difference: Why They Should Stay

The digital participant is here to stay. Rather than send an employee to a conference, some companies will still prefer the reduced cost and time away that virtual offers.

Now that your audience knows you can deliver the virtual experience, they are expecting it to continue. What’s going to set you aside from your competitors is your ability to give your digital audience an experience that parallels the in-person experience.

A virtual event is in progress, and we can see the back of a graduate's head as they look at the tv screen in their home.

Designing For Digital

Your audience's interaction, participation and evaluation of your event needs to be top notch no matter how they experience it.

So how can you create an event that gives every participant what they need? It’s all in the design.

Check out our #hybridevent posts for tips on how to design the right experience for your business.


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