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Three Tips Every Hybrid Event Needs

What do great hybrid events have in common?


If you’re embarking on one of your first #hybridevents - or rethinking how you’re approaching them - think content first.

Tip #1 - If they can see and hear it in person, so should your friends behind computer screens.

Any enriching content needs to be digitally shared with your virtual viewers. That includes music playing, transitions between speakers, intro videos and photos.

Tip #2 - Keep pre-record capability in your pocket.

Life will ALWAYS happen. Schedules will become chaotic kids will make it to their team’s championship game, causing speakers to have last-minute conflicts.

This happened with the hybrid event we’re running this weekend. Thanks to the wonderful ability to record the speaker in advance, our attendees won’t miss a thing.

Tip #3 - Smile for the close up.

Your in-person audience might check out the speaker’s shoes as they walk on the stage, but they’re not shopping at Zappos. Give the digital viewer the same presentation by getting a closer shot of the speaker. Mix in a second shot with a second camera if that’s in your wheelhouse.

Bonus Tip - Virtual Hosts create great content.

The virtual audience wants to connect just as much as the in-person audience. A Virtual Host can speak directly to the people screen-side without interrupting the show.

One of the elements we’re most excited about for this weekend’s hybrid event is the speaker interviews. After the speaker presents on the main stage, they can connect a little deeper with their virtual audience if you set up a Virtual Host in another room.

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