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Amplifying Your Brand Through Powerful Content

In this era of content-rich platforms, capturing the essence of your brand in various content forms has never been more crucial. How can you fully capitalize on just ONE HOUR on stage at your BRAND UP for Speakers with POWER UP Video?

So glad you asked. Let's reveal how you can transform a single hour of stage time into a range of brand-enhancing content, from keynotes and mini-courses to reels and social media posts. Let's POWER UP your brand.

1. 45-Minute Keynote or Mini-Course Your hour on stage is the perfect time to deliver a powerful 45-minute keynote or a condensed mini-course. Select moments of video footage can be added to your speaker reel, produced into a standalone product, or event divided into modules for an on demand mini-course. Repurposing your keynote as content can give your audience a taste of your expertise and your unique approach to your topic.

2. Months of Social Media Content Think of your stage time as a content creation bonanza. Short video clips, inspiring quotes, reactions, and powerful moments can be extracted and shared across your social media platforms over several months. Behind-the-scenes footage or post-presentation reflections can provide that raw, authentic content that audiences crave, offering a more personal view into your brand.

3. 10-Minute Booking Demo Your one-hour presentation can be distilled into a dynamic, 10-minute sample that showcases your speaking prowess, your stage presence, and the crux of your message. A well-edited demo is a compelling tool for promoting your brand and can be instrumental in securing future speaking engagements or collaborations.

4. B-Roll or Quick Clips for Your Reel Never underestimate the value of good B-roll! Footage of you speaking passionately on stage, interacting with your audience, or just candid moments can be used as B-roll in future videos or quick clips for your speaker's reel. This footage adds a layer of depth and authenticity to your content, emphasizing the energy and personality behind your brand.

5. New Brand Images or Video Thumbnails Photographs and snapshots taken from your video and during your filming can serve as updated brand images and thumbnails. These can be utilized on your website, social media profiles, and promotional materials, maintaining a fresh and updated look for your brand.

6. Extended BRAND UP Applications Your hour on stage can be leveraged in numerous ways. For instance, transcribe your speech to create blog posts, articles, or even an e-book. Use audience reactions and testimonials as social proof on your website. Consider creating a podcast episode from your keynote. The possibilities are endless!

Remember, every moment on stage is a brand-building opportunity.

The spotlight is ready for you! By creatively repurposing your content, you're not only ensuring a broader reach but also maintaining a consistent and powerful brand presence.

Join us by booking an hour (or two!) at the June BRAND UP for Speakers with POWER UP. It's time to take your brand to the next level - let's POWER UP.


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