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Enhancing Your Brand with a Virtual Headshot Experience: My Half-Hour with Laura Harstad Photography

A significant component of personal branding is the headshot, the key visual representation of your professional persona online. Recently, I took advantage of a unique and remarkable virtual headshot experience with Laura Harstad, a photographer I met through my participation in Empowered Business Networking.

The Concept The concept of a virtual headshot session might seem counterintuitive to many. After all, isn't photography supposed to be about lighting, angles, and high-end equipment? As I discovered, with Laura Harstad Photography, the essence of a great headshot goes beyond these fundamentals. It's about conveying the personality and the essence of an individual. The Preparation Prior to the actual virtual photoshoot, Laura provided the perfect amount of prep and detail via email. By way of a survey, she explored my brand, my career, and the image I wanted to project. She gave thoughtful advice about suitable backgrounds, lighting options, and wardrobe choices. This pre-shoot preparation was invaluable. It was a refreshing approach, placing the individual and their brand at the core, rather than the technical aspects of photography.

The Virtual Photoshoot On the day of the shoot, Laura guided me through setting up my camera and environment, ensuring everything was just right. We connected via a proprietary app, allowing her to see through my camera in real-time.

What struck me most was how engaging the process was. Instead of being a passive subject in front of a lens, I was an active participant in the creation process. Laura's easy-going professionalism combined with her excellent direction and communication made the session comfortable and a lot of fun. Using real-time feedback, Laura directed me on how to position myself, adjust the lighting, and pose in a way that brought out my personality. This level of involvement was a far cry from the traditional "sit and smile" photography experience.

The Results About two weeks post-session, I received a link to a private gallery of edited shots. The results were phenomenal. Not only were the photos technically impressive, but they genuinely embodied my professional brand. Each image captured a different facet of my personality, something I believe is vital for a comprehensive online presence. Laura Harstad's virtual headshot experience was more than just a photoshoot. It was an exercise in personal branding, self-expression, and creative collaboration. It reminded me that, even in a virtual setting, genuine connection and creativity can shine through.

The convenience of a virtual shoot, coupled with the quality of results Laura Harstad delivers, is truly unparalleled. I recommend this experience to any professional looking to enhance their personal brand in the digital world.

In conclusion, Laura Harstad's virtual headshot experience is a perfect example of innovation meeting necessity. It shows how, even in the face of adversity, art finds a way to evolve and keep its relevance. I can't wait to see where this journey takes Laura and her innovative approach to the age-old art of portrait brand photography.


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