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Transform Your Sales Process with an 80% Video: Your GPS to Success

Sales appointments often involve answering the same set of questions time and again.

Surprisingly, about 80% of the sales conversations are questions you receive every single time. This persistent repetition led us to question -

What if these queries are addressed even before the first sales appointment?

The outcome could be a more trusting relationship, an excited prospect, and potentially, a shorter call duration.

This the concept of an 80% video. It is a sales tool designed to preemptively answer the top 7-10 questions that nearly every prospect asks. Its implementation not only fosters trust but also curtails the sales cycle significantly.

How to Create an Effective 80% Video?

Step 1: Gather your sales team since they are the ones interacting with your prospects daily, and they know the repeated questions. If you are running solo, block time and focus 100% on your prior sales interactions.

Step 2: Ask your sales team about the most common questions they encounter during the first sales appointment. This allows you to foresee what prospects want to know and helps build trust by showing a deep understanding of your business and their concerns.

Step 3: Organize the questions and prioritize them according to their frequency and relevance to your prospects.

Step 4: Collaboratively develop the answers, ensuring uniformity in addressing the issues while still allowing representatives to express in their own words.

Step 5: Finally, capture the answers on video! If you have multiple sales reps, they create their own. This visual interaction creates an excellent opportunity to build up the like, know and trust factor with prospects before meeting them.

Avoid these Pitfalls

While the 80% video is a powerful tool, certain common mistakes can hinder its effectiveness:

  • Not using the 80% video before the first sales appointment: Sending the video ahead of the appointment builds trust and shortens the sales cycle.

  • Using it as a video pitch deck: The 80% video should educate prospects, not sell to them.

  • Not involving your sales team: Those on the front lines have the best understanding of customer needs and objections.

  • Not providing sufficient detail: Content should be as long as necessary to thoroughly explain, without being excessive.

In conclusion, the 80% video is an innovative tool that can transform your sales process, shorten sales cycles, and foster a stronger relationship with prospects. This strategy is not revolutionary, but it amplifies an old adage - consumers buy from companies they know, like, and trust.

Contact POWER UP today and let's explore how we can help you create and capture your own 80% video.


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