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How POWER UP used the power of video & event design to bring VCU Fashion's "Access" to Life.

Updated: May 22, 2023

The wonderful world of fashion came alive with an electrifying energy during the highly anticipated "Access: VCU Department of Fashion + Merchandising's Fashion Event", held at the VMFA, Tuesday, May 9, 2023. POWER UP played a pivotal role in bringing this extraordinary fusion of innovation and artistry to life.

Alumni and former adjunct faculty of the VCU Fashion Department, POWER UP's founder, Amy Garelick, brought her extensive event production experience, combined with her understanding of the department's ethos, to approach the event with a unique perspective. Amy's dedication and her passion for innovation infused the event with a sense of purpose and authenticity.

VCU Fashion’s year-end annual fashion event showcases the culmination of the design students' hard work and dedication, providing them with a platform to exhibit their unique collections. Select junior and senior merchandising students work all semester long to ensure a seamless runway presentation. Their Advanced Show Production class learns how to execute model casting and training, fittings, choreography, show promotion and backstage management.

POWER UP infused “Access” with cutting-edge technology and captivating visual elements, transforming the VMFA atrium into an immersive visual experience. The seamless integration of technology-driven elements, including mesmerizing projections, video “step-and-repeat’ and captivating LED display, elevated the production to new heights.

POWER UP eagerly anticipates the challenge of future event design and execution opportunities that will push boundaries, inspire creativity, and redefine the intersection of event experiences and video technology.


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