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How Can I Have A Great Hybrid Event?

Hybrid is happening, friends! POWER UP just produced a large-scale hybrid event - and it was great.

In-person attendees connected joyfully at tables while virtual participants tuned in to the main stage and networked via breakout rooms from the comfort of their home.

The best part of our mixed-viewing experience? Broadcasting both audiences so everyone could see each other.

They networked, danced, learned and laughed from the comfort of wherever they chose - and everyone felt included.

This event also featured both in-person and virtual speakers. No longer will presenters need to clear days for travel when they can share their message to a hybrid audience from anywhere.

While hybrid events seem like the ideal solution, here are some elements you need to consider.

Most hotel and conference centers we’ve checked with do not have the technology needed to execute a flawless hybrid event.

Here’s our demand list. If the event location can’t meet it, you’re going to have to provide it.

  • Access to a dedicated connection to the cable modem through an Ethernet cable with a minimum of 10 Megabits per second (Mbps) upload speed and 30 Mbps download speed. This ensures stable internet quality to push and pull content seamlessly.

  • If you cannot get access to a dedicated connection, your second choice is to use WiFi with a strong signal.

  • Audio speakers to push sound to the room.

  • Microphones that will pick up sound for the in-person and virtual audience.

  • Large TVs connected to another computer. We don’t recommend projectors for a whole host of reasons.

  • Cameras that are placed strategically throughout the event space to broadcast key elements for the virtual audience.

It’s a long list, so we completely understand if you choose to go 100% virtual. If a hybrid event is on your must-do list, we are happy to consult with you!


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