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Have You Met Andy?

Have you ever met someone that makes you feel great just being around them? That’s POWER UP’s Director of Technical Production, Andy Myers. His attention to detail, technical acumen and love for movies (he’s James Cameron’s biggest fan) make him the perfect person for any assignment he’s working on.

That’s why we coined the phrase “Ask Andy” — because if we need to know something, we ask him.

As a certified Scrum Master, Andy takes care of all of our video production and virtual event obstacles (what obstacles, right?) and creates an environment so that our team can be effective. He’s basically our Vanilla Ice. Because if we’ve got a problem, yo, he’ll solve it…

Before he became POWER UP’s tallest team member — he was once asked to be an extra on Titanic, but ended up being too tall — Andy was a scriptwriter of award-nominated films in the 48 Hour Film Project.

Our team would not be complete without Andy, and we’re sure you’ll agree that he makes all of our work better.

Check out what he creates “just for fun.”


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