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Workshops & Training

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What if your entire sales, marketing, and leadership team

were aligned with the POWER of Content Marketing?

"They Ask, You Answer" is the successful business and content marketing framework that leads to

satisfied customers, productive employees,

and increased revenue

Implemented by thousands of businesses around the world,

including B2B and B2C companies in retail, manufacturing, home improvement, software, healthcare, real estate,

and dozens of other industries. 


It asks you to...

Reimagine the way you focus on

educating customers and building trust.


The "They Ask, You Answer" Workshop

a one-day, on-location engagement designed to help

align your team, build a plan, and eliminate silos

from your sales & marketing teams.

Your workshop will be facilitated by
POWER UP's "They Ask, You Answer" Certified Coach, Amy Garelick.

Amy has completed an intensive training program to master "They Ask, You Answer" coaching combined with advanced communication techniques.

POWER UP was is first female led, United States based creative agency to achieve this distinction.

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Amy Garelick

Certified They Ask, You Answer Coach


Amy and your POWER UP Team will host a POWER meeting with your leadership team.  The goal is to learn about your goals and challenges, assess the points of friction in your business, and gain an understanding of your vision for the company.

At the close of this meeting, your workshop will be scheduled.


POWER UP will facilitate your They Ask, You Answer workshop and align your entire company around shared goals.


With a long-term customer obsessed content strategy in place, you're ready to better serve your customers' needs and help sales use content to close deals faster.


Your workshop is just the start of an exciting and rewarding journey for most companies. 


Within just weeks, you’ll see improved morale and sales results. You'll have all the tools in place to start generating better leads and becoming the trusted authority in your industry.

How much does a  "They Ask, You Answer" workshop cost?


POWER UP's "They Ask, You Answer" workshops create the foundation

to build a successful sales and marketing content focused program.

The workshop costs $5,000, with a flat travel fee add-on. (if needed)

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  • The POWER of Video - "How to" SeriesIn-person Workshops or Virtual 

    • Instagram REELS

    • YouTube Channel/YouTube Shorts

    • Tricks and Trends in Vertical Video

    • VIDEO Editing 101, VIDEO Editing Advanced

    • Using AI for Scripts

    • Creating a POWERful Storyboard

    • Home Studio & On-The-Go Video Setup

    • Using Video in Virtual/LIVE Events

    • or we can create a CUSTOM Workshop that fits your needs.

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90-Day Sprints

LOVE the idea of "They Ask, You Answer" coaching

but not ready for the full 18 month program?

Want to 'test drive' the concept with your team?

The POWER UP 90-day Sprint

a three month training and early stage implementation of

the "They Ask, You Answer" Framework

Built to introduce the framework in detail, initiate roles from leadership, sale, marketing and for the new roles of Content Manager and Videographer, and define key responsibilities, so you can launch your own "They Ask, You Answer" framework with alignment and action.  

Learn more about "They Ask, You Answer" Full Mastery Program here

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