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Video Business Card

Video Business Card
POWER UP Productions

What you will receive:
  • Complimentary scripting of your elevator speech to ensure alignment with the video business card format. (not required to use)
  • 15 Minute Tech Check in our Remote Studio one week prior to your session.
  • You'll receive One (1) POWER UP Smartphone Filming Kit (Light,Tripod,Mic)
Video Business Card - a 60 second professionally produced elevator speech for use in e-mail signatures, social, website, etc.
  • One (1) 30 Minute REMOTE Video Studio Session with POWER UP 
Within two weeks of your session, you will receive:
  • One (1) high resolution professionally produced Video Business Card with company logo watermark and CTA end screen.
  • Instructions & suggestions on how to distribute your new video business card
Your investment:  $350 (regular price: $750)
Promo Code: EBNVBC
Once reserved, the team will email you to help you select your timeframe!
Payment options include:

Credit Card, ACH/Check, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Cash App

or 4 interest free payments with Klarna. 


How do I pick a date?  

Once reserved, the POWER UP team will email you to help you select your day/time and tech check.

How would I use a Video Business Card?

We will help you maximize your brand by suggesting a variety of spaces and places where this video can enhance your presence on your website, social platforms, email signatures and more!  

What do I say? 

We will give you a general prompt or two to get you started.  Don't worry - the goal is to ensure we capture your message in respect to your brand and mission. 


I hate my (voice, hair, skin, teeth, office layout, wardrobe, need to lose 10 lbs....)

Well.... some of that is between you and your therapist.  What POWER UP can control, we will.  With our Studio Kit Delivery, Script review and a pre-production tech check - you will show up to your scheduled remote video session not having to focus on anything but being in your zone of genius. 

I live or am traveling near Richmond, VA - can I come and film with you in-person?

Sure!  Let's chat.  Email:

I have a ton of other questions....

Great!  We are happy to answer them! Email:

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