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FACT: Anyone can use their own

camera or smartphone to create a video.

The true art and lasting impact

of creating successful video content lies in skills of

Strategic Brand Storytelling

POWER UP has mastered the art and science of Strategic Brand Storytelling resulting in content that possesses the power to transform perspectives, change behaviors and inspire action.

POWER UP has in-person and remote video production options


We understand the transformative potential of video marketing.


It's more than just a tool—it's a dynamic medium that can tell your story, illustrate your value proposition, and connect with your audience on an emotional level

Examples of Video Marketing Content:

  • Product Explainer/Demo

  • Client Testimonials

  • Behind-The-Scenes

  • Company Culture Videos

  • Thought Leadership/Expert

  • Case Studies

  • Product launch

  • Event promotions

  • Video ads

  • Recruitment videos

  • FAQ videos (see: "They Ask, You Answer")



In an increasingly digital age, the power of video content to

promote and enhance your event is undeniable.


More than just a memory of the day, Video for Events ranges from promotional videos to video-based event elements to enhance guest experiences and highlight reels encapsulating the best moments.   Post-event videos prolong the event's lifespan providing a recap of key moments, engaging those who couldn't attend the event and prepping for next year's promotion. 

Examples of Video for Events:


  • Event Teaser, Save the Date

  • Event Promo or Ad

During Event

  • Conference Opening Video

  • Client/Attendee Testimonials

  • Speakers/Panels

  • Projections, AR/VR, Interactive Screens

  • Booth Display Video


  • Behind-The-Scenes

  • Highlight Reel

  • Endless RePurposing

  • Next Year's Promo!



In the world of non-profit and cause or mission-driven organizations, video content has emerged as a game-changing tool for donor engagement, constituent recognition, and fundraising efforts.


Video is a powerful storytelling device that can illuminate your organization's mission, visualize the impact of your work, emotionally connect with your audience and is instrumental in your fundraising efforts.