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Ever dreamt of supercharging

your business with an

unbeatable marketing content strategy?

POWER UP’s Creative Director and Founder, Amy Garelick,
is ready to give your business or organization a

jolt of energy and action

with our new content strategy session

POWER SURGE is a 60-minute marketing content strategy session over Zoom that promises to breathe new life into your business.

In your power-packed session, you can expect:


Illuminate your marketing journey with unmatched transparency and achievable goals.


Pinpoint and recognize hidden challenges and problems that could be short-circuiting your road to success.


Reveal the high-speed route to supercharge your profits, outpacing your competition.


A bespoke 3-Step Action Plan designed to turbocharge your monthly income.


A shot of inspiration and renewed vigor about the untapped potential and bright future of your brand.

Don't miss the chance to ignite the spark that could lead to unprecedented success.

Reserve your POWER SURGE Strategy Session and get ready to feel the wave of strategic content innovation electrify your business.

POWER SURGE costs $500.

Paid in FULL at time of booking.

After your session is complete, you receive a $500 as a credit to a future contract.  

POWER SURGE is non-refundable.

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