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WIB THRIVE 90 Events

WIB THRIVE 90 - Planning, Presence, Progress

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Kickstart Your Business in 2024 with Our First Event 1/9/24

Tuesday January 9th 5:30-7:30pm in Mechanicsville


Join us in an empowering session designed to set you on a path of success and growth. Our WIB THRIVE 90 events are tailored for ambitious women like you, ready to make their mark on the world.


First Hour: Mastering & Launching your first 90 Day Sprint with Amy

  • Unlock the Potential of 90 Day Sprints: Dive into the art of effective planning. Amy will guide you through the essentials of setting up your 90 Day Sprint. Let’s break down your big vision into achievable milestones in 2024

  • Goal Creation and Setting: Transform your aspirations into tangible goals. Amy will share her expertise in identifying realistic and impactful objectives, ensuring you stay focused and driven.

  • Accountability for Q1: Discover strategies to maintain momentum. From personal accountability to peer support, let’s incorporate the techniques which will keep you on track throughout the first quarter.


Second Hour: Vision Crafting with Michelle

  • Envisioning Success: Join Michelle in a transformative Vision Crafting Session. This interactive workshop is designed to help you visualize and articulate your business aspirations.

  • Crafting Your Business Blueprint: Through guided exercises, Michelle will assist you in mapping out a clear and compelling vision for your business in 2024.

  • Each participant will receive a Vision Boarding Booklet to empower you to define, visualize, and manifest the success you envision for your business. 


Connect, Learn, and Grow

  • Networking Opportunities: Engage with like-minded women in business. Our event provides a supportive environment to connect, share experiences, and build lasting relationships.

  • Tailored Resources: Gain access to valuable resources and tools specifically curated for women in business. 

Accountability and Momentum

  • As part of your THRIVE 90 commitment each quarter you can join Amy in February and March for group check-ins. (Zoom) or purchase 1:1 sessions. 

Reserve Your Spot Now!


ADD:  Day of Co-working (10a-5p) 


You’ll enjoy coffee breaks, lunch with a private chef, snacks and other surprises. 


Strong Wifi, spaces to chat and network, spaces for quiet heads down working, space for calls. This is hosted by Amy & Michelle…. So you never know what may happen.

The co-working day + lunch add-on is $50.  You must be attending the event to add Co-Working.

We will email to ask if you'd like to add - a separate invoice will be sent.

Join us January 9th & let’s build a strategy and vision to transform your 2024 business dreams into reality!

Save $25 - use code: WIB

This program is brought to you by Amy Garelick ( POWER UP) and Michelle Etheridge Hicks (Ballyhoo Digital & Print)
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