Event Production

Power Up Video will produce your virtual meeting, event or conference providing professional direction behind the scenes allowing you, your presenters and guests to focus on the content - not the technology.

 Our Virtual Event Production services include:

  • Monitoring and maintaining the production flow of your virtual event from start to finish

  • Communication with and amongst live speakers and guests

  • Producing pre-recorded content

  • Incorporating presentation media - slides, video, music (client provided)

  • Breakout Rooms (Zoom)

  • Reacting with professional urgency to potential technical issues, guests and speaker needs

Virtual Event Backstage Production Packages begin at $997.00

​Contact us today to build your custom Virtual Event Experience package.  

what is a virtual event?

  • Virtual events are large, multi-session events or conferences that are hosted online.

  • They can include both pre-recorded content or live content that is streamed to audiences in a dedicated virtual room.

  • Virtual events are highly interactive and give a similar look and feel to a physical event.

  • Often more cost-effective, scalable and sustainable than traditional events.

Virtual Conferences are revolutionizing the way companies interact with audiences by taking traditional conferences and hosting them online. Similar to conventional conferences, virtual conferences are highly engaging and include a series of large sessions run by thought leaders in the industry who present to and interact with attendees.

If your company already runs a physical conference, then hosting a virtual conference is the next natural progression to extend your reach even further.

why virtual events?


Flexible: Virtual Events are flexible and can be tailored to your business needs. If you can think of a type of event you can host in-person, odds are you can host it virtually. 


Cost-effective: Venues can run up to tens of thousands of dollars just for one day, and that doesn’t even take into account the cost of food and drink, accommodation for speakers and venue insurance. With virtual events, those costs are greatly reduced. Many virtual events include only: Virtual Event Production Services, Event Promotion and Speakers.


Scalable: Most physical venues have a limit to the number of people allowed which can vary based on the present post-COVID phase. Combined with the cost of hosting thousands of people. Virtual events make it easier to scale. Host more people for a fraction of the cost, expanding your reach.


Reliable: There is no need to cancel a virtual event because of weather or even a global pandemic. Attendees can view the event from anywhere, a factor that has crippled physical events is no longer a consideration.


Engaging: Virtual events offer tools such as polls, Q&A, live chat, and even a downloadable resources so your attendees can fully engage with your content.


Environmentally Friendly: The costs of hosting an in-person event isn’t just monetary, it’s environmental. U.S. residents made 463.6 million person-trips for business purposes in 2018, with 38% for meetings and events. That’s more than 175 million trips to meetings and events alone. Virtual events take away the need for people to travel hundreds of miles to venues, and instead allow them to access your event from much closer to home, not only saving businesses money, but reducing the impact on the environment.

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