Schedule Your

Virtual Recording Session!

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Step One:  

  • Book a Virtual Filming Session.  Visit one of our virtual studio booking calendars.

    • If you don't see a convenient timeframe listed - please check the other calendar!


Sponsors Only 

Step Two:

Send your slide deck to

  • Please send as a PDF

Step Three:

In the email with your slides  - please note if you are able to record with either:

  • iOS Device (PREFERRED OPTION, meaning: iPhone or iPad - on tripod) 


  • Webcam on the CHROME/FIREFOX browser.

If you need a simple tripod to steady your iOS device - Here is an option on AMAZON under $25


(ONLY if using iOS Device - iPhone 7 or better or iPad 2 or better)


Technology & Logistics

To produce a high quality, high resolution video product - Power Up will be capturing only your image and voice during your session.

We will edit your slides/content in during post-production so you can have your computer available with slides during your presentation, but you will not share your screen with our system.   


You will receive an email from OPEN REEL (our studio) within 24 hours of your recording session.  This will link you to our virtual studio. 

Please note:  The link WILL NOT work until your scheduled timeframe. 



To prep for your session

  • Above all - pick a spot with a good wifi signal.

  • Find a quiet spot with natural lighting (windows) in front of you (Approx. 2 feet away is best.). 

  • Steady your iPhone/iPad (Do not hold the device during filming).

  • Position your iPhone/iPad or Webcam at eye level or higher.

       Use books or boxes, set your laptop on a shelf, get creative!

  • Remember to send the PDF of your slides!

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