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Showcase Expertise | Save Time | Eliminate Overwhelm

We're not like other video companies.
We're a cool video company.

With POWER UP you can conquer your roadblocks and create the video content you need to be recognized as an expert in your field!

Keynotes • Training Videos • YouTube Videos • Speaker Reels

Professional Course Content • Promotional • Nonprofit Content

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People will take one look at your videos and say,

"I'll have what she's having."

Look through our portfolio.

You'll see how really, really ridiculously good-looking videos can be!


"You have unlimited power here, you can do that.
You can do anything on this canvas, anything..."
-Bob Ross

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Choose Your Adventure:

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showcase your expertise

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become a video jedi

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avoid the commute. all online.

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Choose Your Adventure
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You're going to need a bigger boat to fit all your new clients!

We  believe you should focus on your business and not stress about preparing, filming and editing the video content you need to uplevel your business.


You deserve videos that attract the perfect clients and do your selling for you.


When it comes to video content,

do or do not, there is no try.

You want to create videos that show your expertise.

You need a video production experience that

  • Lets you focus on your work while we focus on your videos.

  • Produces lots of great content without hogging all your time.

  • Saves you from investing thousands of dollars on video equipment that would collect dust in the closet.

How much is mediocre or non-existent video content costing you in clients, dollars, and credibility?

Let's POWER UP your video content!

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POWER UP founder and CEO Amy Garelick spent 15 years with the magical world of Disney Media and Special Event Production. Now she provides the creative direction for POWER UP's wonderful world of video storytelling. Amy is joined by tech guru Andy Myers and copywriting wiz Brooke Scott to form the team that brings your video dreams to life.

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