Do you want to create great video content, but don't know where to start?

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A Week-Long Adventure in Video Creation
Every day you will learn a different video creator superpower skill.

  • Monday August 16th - Video marketing strategy

  • Tuesday August 17th - How to incorporate your brand

  • Wednesday August 18th - How to film

  • Thursday August 19th - Basic editing

  • Friday August 20th - Q&A with the LEARNASIUM team

  • Saturday & Sunday - Film, Edit, Review

  • Monday August 23rd - How to post & be seen

  • Tuesday August 24th - Our GAME ON: VIDEO 101 - Red Carpet Premiere!


GAME ON: Video 101

Who is this for?
Anyone who wants to create great video for their business, organization or for personal enjoyment.  Your LEARNASIUM team is excited to teach our video creator superpower skills to anyone age 16-100.

When & where will it take place?
This course is completely ONLINE (Zoom). 
Live, interactive lessons will take place Monday, August 16 - Friday, August 20th and Monday, August 23rd at 10AM EST.   There are no live lessons Saturday or Sunday. 
The last day, Tuesday, August 24th, we hope you will join us for our GAME ON: Video 101 - Red Carpet Video Premiere Party!

Do I need specific equipment to participate?
No - you can use your smartphone (iOS or Android), tablet, hand-held camera or webcam.

Do I need prior experience creating video?
Nope!  We will help guide you from your current level of experience - even if that's zero experience.

Will there be a replay available?
Yes - you will have 6 months of access to the GAME ON: VIDEO 101 Video Hub which will include replay copies of all video lessons, handouts and more!

It's a Membership for Video Creators.  You can join LEARNASIUM after completing GAME ON: VIDEO 101.  In LEARNASIUM, we continue the live and interactive learning with monthly mini-workshops, an archive of superpower skills so you can continue the learning journey, an online collaborative community of members, opportunities for 1:1 coaching with the LEARNASIUM team and more!

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How do I join GAME ON: Video 101?
Save your seat by clicking below!  This week-long live and interactive course is FREE! 



GAME ON: Video 101