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Content Marketing Mastery Program

OWN your digital sales and marketing destiny

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Do you want to always be in a position

where you spend tens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, dependent on an agency for all of your marketing needs?


 Or, would you rather not need a marketing agency because you have the necessary skills and resources in-house, and your team is set up for success?




Content Marketing Mastery Program

With Marcus Sheridan's revolutionary sales and marketing philosophy,

They Ask, You Answer as our framework and the POWER UP Team as your guide and coach, in 18 months, you will:

  • Increase the number of qualified leads

  • Close sales faster

  • Increase the impact of your content marketing

  • Eliminate outdated sales and marketing practices

  • Create a shared vision, align communications and inspire efficient action across all roles and departments

  • and best of all - Remove the need for hiring outside agencies or vendors for your marketing content.  

We know the results will change your business forever.

POWER UP Content Marketing Mastery is
to lead, guide, and nurture your teams
in all areas of “They Ask, You Answer”
content creation & implementation.
POWER UP experts will instruct you and your team, guiding you through the framework ensuring you & your team are fully mastering each skill.  

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Amy Garelick


Andy Myers


Brooke Scott

In addition to working directly with your POWER UP team,
you will be directed to self-educate through an online community of resources.

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Abstract Paper Craft

Your team will learn to:

  • Produce written content that drives traffic and revenue

  • Produce video content that drives traffic and revenue

  • Track ROI on all digital sales and marketing efforts

  • Manage the growth trajectory of your digital sales and marketing.

Your team will have:

  • A strategic plan for your digital sales and marketing

  • Aligned sales and marketing and leadership teams

  • Marketing functioning as a revenue team

  • Month over month traffic and lead growth

If you’re truly 100% committed to becoming the greatest educator in your space and you’re willing to put in the work to achieve incredible digital marketing results, no other barriers will stand in your way.


Content Marketing Mastery Program

Your program includes:​

  • Initial Planning Session with Leadership

  • 90-Day Quarterly planning sessions to set 90-Day Sprint priorities

  • Digital Scorecards for each role to track milestones, success and redirection.

  • Bi-weekly executive coaching with your company leadership to ensure successful alignment 

  • Weekly training and coaching sessions (individual or group, as needed)

  • and more.

What does POWER UP Content Marketing Mastery Cost?


The investment required depends on the size of your business and the pace you want to complete this program.


The total investment from start to graduation date is $131,000,

which includes a $5,000 commitment fee.

  • $5,250/month for 18-24 months (Best for companies who have never aligned their marketing & sales teams and/or who don’t have a content trainer and videographer in-house) 

  • $7,000 for 18 months or less (Best for companies that are just getting started with They Ask, You Answer and don’t have a content manager hired yet)

  • $10,500 for 12 months or less (Best for companies who already have a content manager and videographer in-house and are ready to hit the ground running)

The full Content Marketing Mastery program not ideal right now? 

Check out our 90-Day Sprint, Workshops and Trainings.

Companies worldwide have successfully implemented They Ask, You Answer and it has changed their business. 

They are considered the innovators of their industry.

Case Studies 

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